Tekken 6BR Censored in Korea?

There’s a bit of disconcerting news, from the Tekken Zaibatsu forums. Apparently the Korean version of Bloodline Rebellion has had a bit of content suppressed… particularly stuff with newcomer Alisa Bosconovitch. According to the info, her chainsaw moves and ability to remove her head for various attacks have been censored- the moves are still there, but animation has been changed. What I thought to be just a joke was apparently not.

Wha..? I didn’t know that Korea ever had an issue like this. Did they also replace blood in Starcraft with slime? So what’s next… covering up the girls with shorts everytime they do a flip kick? Censor Heihachi when he dons his diaper? Well, I guess on the last point things would actually be not that bad…

BAH. It’s a good thing here in Manila, we’re not as prudish. So far. Man, the day when we can’t freely chainsaw an opponent through the torso is the day when life ceases to be worth living… Hehe…


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