Tomb Raider Underworld DLC Details

As we’ve known since last year, the Xbox360 version of Tomb Raider Underworld will be receiving some more life in the form of DLC packs that will give a few more hours’ worth of gameplay and plot. The first DLC pack, entitled Beneath the Ashes, will have players returning to the ruins of Croft Manor. Lara discovers something more than just her burnt wardrobe in the rubble- specifically an entrance to a massive underground complex. Soon Lara is in a deadly quest to find a mysterious power source long hidden for decades.

Eidos has also released info on the second pack, entitled Lara’s Shadow. Here’s the text teaser released to whet gamers’ appetites…

“Play as a dark and deadly reflection of Lara Croft. Created as a sinister trick by Lara’s oldest foe, the Doppelganger possesses the strength, speed and raw power to put an end to the Croft lineage once and for all. Fulfill the mission and become the ultimate weapon of revenge. Will feature new gameplay mechanics to be unveiled very soon.”

Playing as the Doppelganger should be cool- I guess you play through the part where she blows up Croft Manor… I wonder if you get to shoot Alistair and kick Lara’s butt too?

Unfortunately, this still comes with a bit of controversy given the big backlash that gamers in general apparently gave TRU, resulting in sluggish sales of the Xbox360 version and the lay-off of a sizeable chunk of Crystal Dynamics’ staff that worked on Underworld. Well, I’ll see what this is about when it coms out.


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