Musing about Tekken 6’s New Major Console Mode: Tekken Force Unleashed!

A pretty intriguing bit in the recent Gamespot interview with Tekken 6‘s main man, Katsuhiro Harada, was the part about the home console versions of Tekken having a new ‘major console mode’. Tekken ports have traditionally always had cool mini-games or diversions to occupy players’ interest in between the usual Story Modes and VS play, and it appears that the upcoming Tekken 6 will be no exception. But just what will this new mode be? We’ve seen Tekken Force, Tekken Bowl, Tekken Ball, The Devil Within… will we see something familiar but updated, or something totally new?

Well, how about something like… Tekken Force Unleashed?

My idea is a mini-RPG fighting mode. You play as a member of the Tekken Shu, or Tekken Force. You pick either male or female and have a unique new fighting style you level up as you go, or you can choose a style from the available roster. The mode sends you through the events that build up to the actual King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. A prequel mini-game in a game. How’s that for a cool mode? The interface could be partly a kind of exploratory mode, partly a big overworld, RTS-like map. For the most part, the fighting is one-on-one, with some Final Fight-like segments against grunt opponents.

The game starts off with you, a new recruit, training in VR missions under the instruction of Lars Alexandersson, and perhaps sparring a bit with Nina Williams (Mmmm). You rise high in the ranks quickly, earning you a place on the covert operations ordered by new Zaibatsu CEO Jin Kazama.

You soon go on missions throughout the world map, meeting various new faces that will soon become significant in the upcoming Tournament. You are part of the cleanup crew that mops up in a Spanish town hit by an air raid, putting you in combat with an enraged Miguel. A mission to New York has you crossing paths with the voluminous Bob, while an infiltration mission into G-Corporation’s facilities brings you into an encounter with the gender-oblivious Leo.

Finally though, your final mission takes you to a mysterious tomb guarded by a cult of assassins. Your team is soon defeated though, and you find yourself in one-on-one combat with the seductive Zafina. Whether you defeat her or not, the conflict causes a gigantic door to open, freeing something terrible into the world… something that can only be defeated by the true champion of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6…

So… probably it won’t end all flowers and champagne for our Tekken Force Unleashed hero… but the Apprentice in SWTFU didn’t fare as well either. Or maybe, who knows… you may pull of a Hunk and somehow survive the revival of the Ancient Demon.

It’s just a little yarn, but this may be an interesting way of getting deeper into the intriguing stories that are building around Tekken 6, aside from the general Story Mode. So what about it, Harada-san?

I’ll think up another idea as we build up to Tekken 6’s much-awaited release later this year.


One Response to “Musing about Tekken 6’s New Major Console Mode: Tekken Force Unleashed!”

  1. Sounds cool. You have a great imagination, keep it up!

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