Taking Apart the New Tekken 6 Console Trailer!

Revenge. Rivalry. Rave War!

Update: The trailer is now available for download on PSN and Xboxlive, and on Gametrailers and IGN. Looks like the hype machine for Tekken 6 consoles is beginning to heat up… about time.

Along with the cool nterview with Katsuhiro Harada, a brand-spankin’ new teaser trailer has been released for Tekken 6 for consoles- and yes, it appears that the home versions will be called simply Tekken 6, though the new content from Bloodline Rebellion will be included.

In contrast to the previous trailer shown at Atari Live and posted recently at PSN, this new, minute-long Tekken 6 spot focuses more on the other characters in the roster, in particular pairing off fighters with their specific rivals- Asuka and Lili, Hwoarang and Devil Jin, Nina and Anna, Paul and Kuma and so forth. Also, the trailer utilizes mostly in-game graphics- the actual character models from gameplay, with a pretty intrusive camera zooming in, over, under and up-close to the amazingly detailed fighters. What can I say… this game looks freakin’ awesome. If you’re one of those weirdos who keep saying “It looks just like Tekken 5…” GET YOUR EYES EXAMINED.

What can I say? I hope that Tekken 6 console uses a lot more real time graphics, as did Soulcalibur IV, for any cinematics and cutscenes. Aside from saving on space (pre-rendered CG is heavy), this will allow players to see their bad-ass (or silly) customizations appear in any plot-related cinematics. How awesome would it be for Jin Kazama to conquer the world dressed in pink? Yes, it blows the mind. Also, I am hoping that the stuff shown in the trailer makes it into the actual game as a sort of kata mode or attract where you can just have the characters pose and stance up a storm.

Even though it’s pretty damn short, I’m hyped yet again. At present, the arcade version of Bloodline Rebellion is damn fun, and it’s great that I can get to play when I want to. However, the home version’s extra modes, the ongoing story and awesome cinematics sure to come, cool new stuff and the ability to play till the wee hours of the morning in your underwear… these are why the home versions are truly something Epic and Momentous Tekken-Heads and gamers in general have to look forward to later this year.

I. Can’t. Freakin. Wait. For. Fall.


One Response to “Taking Apart the New Tekken 6 Console Trailer!”

  1. Try it, Is it just me or do they seem bulky-er?

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