G.I. Joe The Movie Teaser Trailer


Okay, this probably really isn’t much of a game-related post, but darn if G.I. Joe the Movie isn’t something gamers and comic book fans alike are waiting for with feverish anticipation. This initial spot, shown at the Superbowl, is promising. I like how they’re selling the spot a lot with The Baroness (although I’m kinda biased for Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show as the Cobra Witch) and I love the whole disintegrating Eiffel Tower thing. NOT too hot with once again, Hollywood defaults to generic black uniforms for the Joes. WHO designs costumes these days? Mortuary assistants? Goth groupies? Upholsterers? Meh. Anyway, it looks action-packed, but all the wild stunts and tumbling through the air with rockets passing by reminds me of the same stunts in The Transformers… not too odd, that.

Anyways, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this. Should be fun, if anything else. I should dig out those old episodes for now though. Heh.


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