Tekken 6BR: Dressed to Kill

Apparently Jin Kazama, current CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu in Tekken 6, has got more than just snazzy long coats in his closet.
Here’s a pic posted at the Tekken Zaibatsu forums, showing a customized Jin Kazama wearing stuff called Emperor Armor, which consists of pauldrons, cuirass and leggings. In addition to this, he can also equip an item called the Mishima War Sabre/Sword, which I believe is a usable item.

Players will notice a similarity between Jin’s getup and that of Lars Alexandersson’s armor… which is natural since they’re comrades- or to be more specific, master and subordinate.

It’s interesting to note these items as per the ongoing storyline. The Mishima Zaibatsu has, even before Jin’s time, always been girding for war… and I guess this is the time to bring these things out to play. It’s just too bad we’ll probably never see all these cool things in the actual Tekken movie. Maybe in future Tekken anime?

Well, we can always do fan fiction and fan comics… Heh.


6 Responses to “Tekken 6BR: Dressed to Kill”

  1. Wow this is the most uptodate blog/site. Good work kung sino man gumawa nito. Btw mag kano mo nabili ps3?

    more tekken 6 br pics pls 🙂

    • Hey Hatta. Actually, this site is updated regularly since I just post as I see it. Marami akong gustong games but Tekken 6 is the ultimate for me. ^_^ I got my PS3 for mga 22K, pero dati pa yun- as in, 2 years ago na ata. I bought it specifically for Tekken. Still waiting, pero this year, the console should be worth it all.

  2. Favorite na to:D Cant decide kung Ps3 ba o 360, mamimili ako just for Tekken6 BR! takot nga lang sa ring of death pag 360 at mejo konti games ng ps3,dapat orig dba?

    Controller ng PS great for tekken, ewan ko lung yung sa 360:D

    • Let me say that the Xbox360 controller isn’t the worst thing for fighting games, but it’s not the best. If you’re a serious fighting gamer, it’s probably a must to get a better pad or an actual arcade style controller. Soulcalibur IV was no problem since it’s better controlled with the Xbox360 controller’s stick for those 8-Way Run moves and stuff. But Tekken and SFIV… well, it takes some getting used to. In any case, I bought my PS3 for Tekken, so that’s where I’m staying.

  3. Pagisipan ko muna:D thanks tho

  4. il est trop cool jin avec son costume lol

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