Tekken 6BR: More Awesome Customs AKA Why Tekken 6 Consoles Will Be The Best. Fighter. Ever.

Samurai Asuka!!!

Showing off a bit of arm… badass.

To quote the Discovery Channel… “Awesome!” While they’re still not as crazy or perhaps as numerous as VF5R’s customs (granted, Sega has had at least a year’s head start), but Project Tekken finally seems to be stepping up Tekken 6’s customization options in Bloodline Rebellion.

I found these pics of some customized babes in the Japanese Tekken BBS, and well… WOW. Asuka’s feudal era outfit looks like something from Soulcalibur! If you’re thinking about putting her in this look, be prepared to spend a LOT of fight money- as far as I can tell, that costume is composed of several pieces, each of which costs a bundle; the gauntlets, kimono top, waistband armor, hakamas, shinguards… each one has to be bought separately. And then you should get her new bow-and-arrows item and a katana or a naginata to complete the set. Goddamn Namco-Bandai knows how to make money.

I am totally loving some of the new outfits and options, regardless of the damn astronomical prices. The hair customs also seem to be growing (pun intended) quite nicely as well, but my money is going first on costumes I think.

There are TONS of cool stuff for other characters though, too many to put on. Suffice to say you can easily make a fighter unrecognizable from his or her default look, and then some. It’s gonna be tons of fun to customize. And damn expensive. That console version can’t come soon enough.

“Please don’t tell my father… about my new wardrobe.

So that’s what Julia’s calves and ankles look like…

All I can say is… Tekken 6BR’s customs ROCK. Hopefully all this awesomeness will make it into the PS3 and Xbox360 versions later this year. Damn it’s gonna be a long wait till Fall.


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