Tekken 6 BR: First Day Impressions

I finally got myself to venture out and find myself some Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion today. As I expected, the game attracts gamers like hungry men to a free lunch.

Well, what can I say? The game looks great. As in, it looks just like Tekken 6… with a lot more cool stuff. I really didn’t notice that much of a change, and there was a Vanilla version T6 sitting right next to the BR machine. However, the motions and animations do seem smoother thanks to the cool new motion blur effects and animations.

There are GOBS of new customizations and costumes, including some that have returned from Tekken 5 Dark ResurrectionKi and Aura give your fighter a cool glow as they move (not like Rage which appear only when your life bar is low) like they’ve got Super Saiyan blood. The tons of outfits and a short look at the in-game shop menu gives me the impression that the videos so far shown online barely scrape the surface of BR’s customization options.

I saw both Alisa and Lars in play, and for the most part Lars looks just as obnoxiously powerful as I’ve seen him in videos online. He’s fast and his combos regularly send his opponents flying and spinning like kids’ toys. As for Alisa, the guy playing her didn’t know her moves and continually got plastered (usually by Lars). Perhaps played competently she should be cool. But in a novice’s hands she looked very ineffective and weak. However, I did see a particularly cool new move- perhaps an unblockable- where she hits the opponent with her head. Not a headbutt, mind you… she takes her head in her hand and hits you with it. Pretty crazy awesome. Never saw the ‘Head Explosion’ throw done though.

Anyway I loaded in my Tekken 6 data card, and the game immediately asked me if I wanted to convert my data to BR use. A ‘Yes’ later, I was off. My items and gold were intact (although unequipped) as well as my win/loss record unfortunately. My rank was busted down to First Dan, as most will (unless you’re of pretty high rank). The gameplay has been tweaked of course, and so if you’re used to your character in T6.0, you’d better learn their new moves in BR to fight at your most effective.

I only got to play a couple of matches- there was just one BR machine (two-screen setup) with a long line of waiting players, so I was just content to watch. This week should see more Timezones have the game, so I’m not worried about being able to play. Thinking of getting an Alisa or Zafina card when I do.

Man, this has me really pumped up for the console version. Still quite a bit to go till Fall 2009, but thankfully with BR in the arcade, the wait should be a little easier. More as I get it, of course.


9 Responses to “Tekken 6 BR: First Day Impressions”

  1. is there a lars ic card?

  2. Okay, no special BR-themed cards, apparently. They use the same data cards as with Tekken 6. Once you convert your Tekken 6 data to BR, you can’t use it in the Vanilla game anymore. I think Timezone will be maintaining at least one T6.0 machine in every branch anyways.

  3. saw a brawler on the 2nd day of release. tank maybe?? no name in it but he is using raven. where do you usually play ?

  4. There are guys who just build their rank like nothing. There are tons of expert to super-expert players in Metro Manila, it’s NOT funny. Casual gamers like myself usually don’t have a chance…

  5. The head explosion is a grab… its d/f+1+2

  6. wait its u/f+1+2

  7. neil marco rosario Says:

    i’d like to ask if u can freely choose what character you want?

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