Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion: Becoming a Rebel

Okay dudes! BR is out in Metro Manila, AFAIK in several malls. So far confirmed are Timezone branches in Megamall, Robinson’s Midtown Mall and Trinoma. Other malls should be getting the upgrade by now or within the next few days. Upgrading the existing Tekken 6 machines supposedly only takes a CD and a USB device, in a process that only takes about 20 minutes.

A Tekken 6 IC/Data Card locally costs about 180 pesos, which you buy at the Timezone arcade itself. If you already have one, simply use it and the machine will ask you to convert the data for BR (hint: I’d say yes).

You keep ALL your gold. You keep ALL your customizations already bought, though when you initially begin they will be unequipped so simply go to your Item Box and re-equip them as you wish. Your Win/Loss record will also remain intact. However, the one thing that will go down is Rank- all but the highest-ranked fighters will be placed back at 1st Dan.

Supposedly there are TONS of new customizations and items, which probably includes color variants of the new outfit pieces like pants, tops and shoes. Hair Customizations are in, and the base pieces are apparently very cheap- at about 5K a piece (base short hair, bangs, etc) or so. The trick is to save up for stuff you really want, as money should go fast- unless you’ve been saving up millions from T6.0.

I expect a wave of new vids taken by local players to flood Youtube soon. I’ll try my best to check out the arcades tomorrow so I can post a hands-on report. More as I get it, then.


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