1Up Show Resurrected (Kinda) in CO-OP

It was only recently that my gaming heart got stabbed with the death of Electronic Gaming Monthly and the 1Up Show. Well, quite a bit has happened since- signs of healing, rebuilding and the good news that the familiar gaming journalists I’ve enjoyed for the past couple of years aren’t going away into the night quietly, if at all. For starters, James ‘Milkman’ Mielke is back on 1Up and will be serving up the gaming stories I’ve come to feed on hungrily.

And now, even the 1Up Show seems to be back. Well, in a fashion. The producers of the monstrously entertaining series have come together to produce a new show called CO-OP, produced by the 1Up Show’s finest, which basically continues where they left off. It’s great, it’s on Youtube and free, so check it out. Hopefully it will become one of the biggest gaming shows on YT (and it looks like it will, from the looks of the growing subscriber base).

Check out the 1Up Alumni’s website, Area 5. Then check out the first episode of CO-OP!

Familiar names, faces, voices and games… wonderful.


One Response to “1Up Show Resurrected (Kinda) in CO-OP”

  1. what games are you guys looking forward to this year, killzone 2 looks awesome but i think xbox 360 is gonna own 2009

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