Resident Evil 5 Alternate Trailer

Here’s a direct-feed version of the awesome ‘alternate’ trailer shown at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. It’s got more plot-heavy elements and cutscenes, more of the hot and evil new villainess in white, and more of a pretty familiar old villain- Albert Wesker. Wesky’s gotten even more flashy and powerful since the Code Veronica days, where he was being slapped around by Alexia Ashford. Now as he’s confronting Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, he’s in full Neo mode, complete with Bleach-esque flash steps and the supreme arrogance of someone with super powers bullying around a regular joe. It’s gonna be fun to kick his ass yet again when Resident Evil 5 hits consoles this March.


One Response to “Resident Evil 5 Alternate Trailer”

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