What I Hate About Tekken 6BR Right Now…

… are the HORDES of fighters customized with neon-colored all-back short hair. Male or female, these custom combatants just look tacky. There’s already one butch supposed female in the game (and her name rhymes with Mayo). I hope these players who outfit their hot babes with butch do’s one day just wake up and realize how freakin’ ugly that short hairdo is, and this weird hair fad just goes away. Aside from the hair, to a lesser degree my eyes are violated by the weird color combinations- bright pink pants, white coats, purple jeans… AAAAGHHH.

Of course, I’m just nitpicking, but man, I won’t be spending my hard-earned fight money on the crappy hair customs. So far they’re pretty bad, but I hope the final arcade (and home) versions will have lots more nicer options. I am thinking as well that the hair probably looks a lot better seen in HD, rather than the Youtube and Nicovideo footage seen so far.

BR hits Manila this week, if all goes well. Just a few more days.


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