The Bigger They Are…

… the BETTER.

Well, that probably isn’t true in many things, particularly videogames (fighting games especially), but it IS true in TVs. I was looking forward to this weekend since I am upgrading my gaming setup. I’ll be moving out my old 32-inch Philips LCD TV from The Sanctum and moving in a brand-spankin’ new 42-inch LG LCD TV. Thankfully, prices of these HDTVs have gone down quite a bit in the year since I got my first set, so the price of my new and bigger LG TV is actually quite a bit cheaper than what I got for my smaller Philips. Funny thing- I actually could have gone with a 47-inch Philips set, which was going for even cheaper than the LG model, but I had to turn it down since it lacked a Video Out port, which I require. Darn, that was painful, but meh… bigger and better, and cheaper, will come when I need it again.

Anyway, tonight was the last night for my old 32-inch; I have to say, I enjoyed all the awesome stuff I’ve watched on it- Virtua Fighter 5, Metal Gear Solid 4, Soulcalibur 4, Prince of Persia, Tombraider Underworld… tons of movies… gobs of Mythbusters episiodes… but ironically, the one thing that made me decide to go HD… the one GAME that is, Tekken 6, is STILL not here and I’m already moving to a new TV.

Oh well. Anyway, as things are, my big 42-incher will be ready and waiting for the Iron Fist Crew when they arrive later this year. Before then though, I’ll be seeing the Streetfighter cast on it, and perhaps revisiting my PS3 library once again, just to see everything again and see if I missed anything the first time around. Heheh…


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