Musing About Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

… looks interesting. I’ll give it that. An english version of the trailer was released recently, and it looks suitably slick. But then, well-edited trailers are NOT indicative of the finished film, ever. Cliffhanger taught me that.

Anyway, Kristin Kreuk is Chun-Li… I’m not uncomfortable with it, she’s hot, she looks like she can pass off in the fight scenes, let’s give her a chance (even if I really, really, realy wanted a Zhang Ziyi in this role).

Neal McDonough’s M. Bison perplexes me. He’s a blonde guy in a suit, looking NOTHING like the uniformed, military-looking, levitating super-villain. However, this IS supposed to be a ‘prequel’ type thing showing off the characters as they were before the time of the ‘regular’ Streetfighter 2 story. I am intrigued at who this guy is, if what they’ve written for him and done will indeed be the seed of this saga’s master villain. Take it this way- he’s supposed to someday become Raul Julia’s Bison. Hmmm. Anyway, it’s an unusual casting choice and they’ve clearly gone another way with the character. We’ll see.

Michael Clark-Duncan as Balrog. Okay.

Taboo as Vega. The mask and claws look cool. The thing with Vega is, you can pretty much put anyone behind that mask, just let them go wild with stunts, they’ll be awesome. That’s the mystique of this guy. A bigger-budget thing would have used Ray Park (but then, he’s probably busy), but we’ll see. I really don’t know how a member of the Black-Eyed Peas got into this role, but we’ll see.

Colin Chou as Gen. Colin’s awesome and has that martial arts master look and feel everywhere he goes- he was the coolest thing in the DOA movie, even if he looked, acted or felt NOTHING like Hayate. He should be pretty awesome.

From the look of the casting details, it doesn’t look like many other SF-ers will be appearing aside from Bison and company. Ryu and Ken will NOT be in (along with Sagat). Charlie Nash will probably DIE. Heheh.

Whether or not SFLOCL turns out to be awesome probably won’t affect how the actual SFIV game is accepted by gamers this February. But it should be something to look forward to by gamers who call themselves Streetfighter fans.


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