Sequel Anticipation: Streetfighter IV

It’s just about a month left to go before we get to play Street Fighter IV in the comfort of our own homes. Unlike Tekken 6, SFIV was never released locally in arcades since the game was priced a bit too high for local arcade chain Timezone (man, how much was Capcom asking? Tekken 6 gives far more for quite a bit less, I guess…). But this is probably for the best, since the home versions should not only be arcade-perfect in terms of looks and movement, they’ll also have gobs more content thanks to several console-only fighters and extras.

Making the cut are Streetfighter alumni Cammy, Sakura, Rose, Gen, Feilong and Dan. Thanks to the wealth of vids shown at the recent CES show, we can pretty much say that the console fighters look just as awesome as the rest of the SFIV cast, and they move great and fit right into the roster.

Okay, I admit, I’m pretty pissed that none of my faves from Streetfighter III made it in, but I’ll be supporting SFIV all that I can. Why? For one, if this chapter does well, hopefully Capcom will see fit to continue the franchise and THEN maybe we’ll see my fave Ibuki and company return for a rematch. And, for another, Cammy looks AWESOME in 3-D. Just for that, SFIV is sold. Heh.

Anyway, aside from the console exclusive characters, we can expect all the fighters to have unlockable alternate outfits. Pics and vids of most of the alternates for the arcade fighters have already been shown (Chun-Li’s Chinese dress, Ryu’s topless gi, El Fuerte’s chef get-up, etc.), but I’m hoping that Capcom added these and more to the consoles. We haven’t seen any from the new fighters, but according to Capcom’s Seth Killian, the alt. outfits should be pretty cool- some are funny, while some are dead-serious. All I want is Sakura in a proper Shotokan gi outfit, and Cammy in a bikini. Gimme, Capcom.

There will also be unlockable costume colors (not costumes), custom win quotes and unlockable ‘personal actions’, which are special character taunts. You choose these elements for your fighter at the Character Select screen.

I still have my reservations on the longevity of SFIV, being used to the more expansive move lists of Tekken and VF that I am. But as a longtime SF fan myself, it’s not about the stuff you can do, but how good you can do them. SFIV should be gobs of fun, regardless. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a blast with the SF crew when the game hits this February.


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