One Year Later: Soulcalibur Movie Update

It’s been about a year since I first posted this pic… and yep, Siegfried here still looks mighty pissed.

I have to say… I’m a bit surprised by how a lot of readers seem to be reading my old post about the Soulcalibur movie. Well, I guess with all that attention I should do an update on this game-to-movie adaptation.

Well, the thing is, there’s nothing to update. Apart from some guys posting stuff on my comments about this or that snippet about the movie’s script or whatever… there’s NOTHING on the Soulcalibur film. Look at the movie’s official website, and there’s nothing but a short flash movie that’s mostly text from Nostradamus… and the film’s projected year of release… 2007.

2007. The movie’s now more than a year overdue. The latest game in the series, Soulcalibur IV, has been out for months. We surely won’t be seeing anything new from the franchise for at least a couple of years, what with Namco-Bandai obviously concentrating on the upcoming Tekken game AND movie.

So… is the movie still coming, or has it vanished into the mists of antiquity? I’d say the latter, but I’d love to be pleasantly surprised. I’d love to suddenly be presented with a trailer or a teaser for the flick, but up to now, there’s only been glimpses of character CG stills, and one poster. And a now totally-outdated and bare webpage.

Let’s move on people. More high-profile, seemingly in-the-bag game movies have also gone poof. Time to look to other, newer things. The Tekken movie is on the horizon. Heheh…


One Response to “One Year Later: Soulcalibur Movie Update”

  1. I don’t think anyone really cares too much about a Tekken film.

    The thing that got me exited for an SC movie was the turn it began to take. I’ve been waiting on the movie for almost ten years now, but it wasn’t before seeing the poster of Nightmare that I really got excited about it.

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