More Tekken 6BR Customs: Nina and Anna

Nina gets her Tekken 3 look back.

Here are a couple of Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion customization pics posted at the Japanese Tekken BBS, featuring the Williams Sisters. Nina’s gotten quite a nice bunch of midriff-baring vests/tops similar to her Tekken 3 P2 outfit… which should please a lot of fans out there. She also seems to have some tops with an option to change the colors of her bra/bikini top- which leads me to ask… can you take everything but her bikini off? Heheh…

Anyway, not to be outdone, Anna has gotten herself a bunch of quite lovely long-sleeved long gowns with some incredibly high (and low) slits. All I can say is… flash kicks are going to be the norm.

Anna’s looking glamorous and very, very blonde.

It’s still about a week and a half before BR is slated to arrive here in Metro Manila, but thankfully a more-or-less steady stream of videos is making the wait a wee bit easier. The customizations are so far cool for the most part, though I found some characters once again getting the short end of the stick. Hopefully more items and customs will be added as the year goes on, trudging into the home console release.


One Response to “More Tekken 6BR Customs: Nina and Anna”

  1. i think nina is amazin and the article was fab, plze post me some nice pictures on th new tellen 6 nina williams thankyou

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