Tekken 6 PS3 Snippet: Rivalry Cutscene

Okay, every little bit helps. This is a teeny-tiny snippet, but it’s pretty cool nevertheless in a week that was pretty slooooow in terms of Tekken 6 news and vids.

Gametrailers posted a Tekken 6 PS3 trailer recently, and at the start you’d think- what the heck? This is OLD. Yep, it does seem to be the same old short trailer with Jin in front of the Tekken Force, Nina among the troops, Kaz jumping from the chopper… but WAIT.

If you actually take the time to go through the stuff after that, you’ll find this extremely short (as in, blink and you’ll miss it short) snippet of a Lili vs Asuka CG cinematic. We see Miss Rochefort doing a punch, which is readily grabbed by Miss Kazama, who seems about to do an arm-wrenching counter. It’s REAAAAALLLLLY short, but damn, it’s a tantalizing taste of the awesomeness we’ll be treated to in the home version’s Intro and cinematics. And it’s good to see progress in the console port, even a little bit. Anyway, the two screencaps I’ve posted below are pretty much all there is to see, but you’ll probably want to see or download the whole trailer yourself, so just click here.

Lili’s looking good…

… and so is Asuka…

As a backgrounder, Lili got trounced by Asuka back in the last tournament, and so she’s spoiling for revenge. I am certainly pumped to see that the devs are following through on this rivalry between these two hotties, and I can’t wait to see the fur fly when these two meet. I’m hoping for juicy cutscenes/interludes to start off some epic catfights.

Gosh darn, I’m probably going to watch this little snippet again and again leading up to Fall 2009…


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