G-Force Movie WTF?!

Okay, I found what I thought was very cool today- a trailer for a G-Force movie!!! Unfortunately, when I started watching it, there were no bird-themed Science Ninja to be seen. Nope, G-Force isn’t a movie based on the Gatchaman anime… it’s about freakin’ talking Guinea Pigs. Talking Guinea Pigs who have to save the world from a mad scientist who intends to take over the world with a mechanized army ala generic robot creatures created by some weird energy… apparently producer Jerry Bruckheimer spilled over effects from The Cube in The Transformers into this new film. Yeah, there’s lots of action, but this is totally what you’d expect from a Hollywood film- cutesy funny CG animals, star voice actors and one sequence with the song ‘Dont’cha’.

All I can say is… WHAT THE EFF? Where are my Science Ninja???!! Gah.


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