Tekken 6BR Musings: New Item Moves

With Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion come lots of new stuff, not the least of which are some new Item Moves. Granted, these add-ons are often superfluous, but they’re also undeniably fun and demonstrate that the Tekken team has quite the sense of humor. Some were really more taunts than anything else, like Julia Chang’s seedling and Bruce’s chicks. Some however were actually potent attacks, like Kazuya’s sunglasses/eye lazers, and Armor King’s spiked bat.

Tekken 6BR continues with new Items that add that li’l bit more novelty into matches.

Some of the neater new ones include Asuka’s bow and arrows, which go perfectly with her hakamas outfit. She had it as well in Tekken 5, but now she can USE them and skewer her opponent. However, while I’ve seen vids with Asuka drawing the bow, I haven’t seen her hit anyone or even let loose an arrow yet. The time to draw, like the real thing, has a bit of a wind-up, so this may be a dangerous thing to do in the heat of a battle.

Seemingly not as hard to pull off is Christie’s new Volleyball attack, where she spikes a projectile at her opponent. It seems pretty fast, and if it does damage it may actually be a viable attack. However, I’m thinking it’s not that strong. The item for the move may be her new bikini tops, though I’m not 100% sure.

Other cool stuff of course are Bryan’s new minigun (which is hardly miniscule), which he can fire of course, and a katana you can actually use which may be available to several characters. There’s a new naginata (Japanese long bladed spear) which is for the ladies, while guys get a sledgehammer ala Triple H. Of course, we’ve seen Lili’s penguin attack, which is given by her new Little Devil pants, though the long time it takes to summon her ‘prinnies’ probably consigns this to times when both players just wanna have some fun.

Hopefully we’ll see more funny Item Moves in matches online. It’s sure to be something to have a laugh or two in arcades as well, once Tekken 6BR arrives later this month.


One Response to “Tekken 6BR Musings: New Item Moves”

  1. Do you know where is the list of tekken 6 br’s item moves for all of the characters? pls reply asap thanks 😀

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