Game Over for Electronic Gaming Monthly (1989-2009)

In a rather sad bit of news, Ziff-Davis has sold their popular 1Up Network to competitor Hearst, owners of and other media properties. Unfortunately, while the sale includes the entirety of 1Up’s online content, the print side of the equation, the long-running Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine or EGM, has been left out in the cold.

And so, the voice of independent gaming for about two decades will go silent. This month will see the last issue of EGM.

Man. I have to say, this is pretty affecting. My entire gaming life went through issues of EGM. Been reading the mag since the days of SNes, Genesis and PSX into the Next-Gen consoles. This is truly something that hits me to the core that times have truly changed.

To be fair though, print hasn’t been practical for years, since by the time a printed magazine hits you, most of the news inside is outdated and old. If you really want gaming news, you hit the internet for up-to-the-moment news and discussions. Which is probably one of the reasons why perhaps, it was indeed time to go.

It was great reading you, EGM. Thanks for the good times.


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