Played the Resident Evil 5 Demo. Got Killed.

I was finally able to circumvent the barriers that kept me from getting the Resident Evil 5 demo on Xboxlive Marketplace, and got the first stages of the upcoming survival-horror sequel running on my 360. And what do you know? It freakin’ kicked my butt the first time I played.

Well, it HAS been years since my last foray as an anti-zombie/monster agent, so I was rusty as heck. The controls are conceivably well-placed and easy to remember, but it was still not easy to move and fight in a high-stress environment- being besieged by hordes of crazed, armed rabble with limited ammo and a partner you often need to rush and aid every now and then. Though Sheva and I got out of the deathtrap, the pursuit continued with the requisite axe-wielding sub-boss bringing up the rear as other armed villagers hacked at us with impunity. Before long, I ran out of ammo and couldn’t find any in the vicinity, then Sheva got herself cut down. Game Over.

Man, that was hard and intense. I only played once so far, but I’ll be playing again soon to finish the demo. At the very least, it’s an awesome title to look forward to; the visuals are tops, the pace relentless and the action a notch up from RE4. The only problem, I still find Chris a bit tank-like to control, and aiming is pretty hard… well, it was my first time. A little practice should find me bringing down baddies handily next time.

RE5 is due out in March. Something to look forward to, then.


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