KOFXII: Short on Babes!!!

Kotaku just posted an article showing off the full roster of SNK-Playmore’s upcoming new brawler, King of Fighters XII. Though I was never a big KOF fan (it’s the least of the SNK fighters to me), I have to say I am appalled. The game has a cool new art style and totally redone sprites and graphics… but it comes with too few babes!
Never have I seen such a fighting game roster in this day and age so wanting and bereft of female fighters! Right now, there are TWO, count ’em, TWO girls in the whole man-heavy lineup; blue-haired commando Leona Heidern and schoolgirl psycho-warrior Athena Asamiya (who seems strangely half the age she was in previous games).

WHERE IS MAI SHIRANUI??? Where are all the cool and hot beauties we know SNK is capable of?? What happened… everyone with a dick got transferred out of the KOF development team? My Gosh. But then again, I’ve always known King of Fighters to be the SNK franchise made with no libido at all. Yeah, this isn’t the worst… Fatal Fury 2 had only Mai but that was back in the early 1990s, I believe. What the Hell, SNK?

Anyway, to heck with this game. It’s not even on my radar anyway, what with Tekken 6BR, VF5R and SFIV taking up all my attention. For the five or six of you KOF fans out there though, enjoy the man-flesh. FEH.


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