Tekken 6 Pinoy Champion, BR Philippine Release Confirmation

SD-Tekken just posted an awesome article about the recently-held Tekken 6 International Tournament hosted by arcade chain Timezone which saw the crowning of a new International Champion player as well as the announcement of some awesome news for local Tekken-heads.

Placing first place ahead of some of the region’s most skilled Tekkenistas was Carlo Racela, who was awarded a trophy, laptop, a roundtrip-ticket to Japan with 500 dollars in arcade money AND a special Bloodline Rebellion data card with the special title ‘International Champion’. WOW! Present at the awarding were Katsuhiro Harada and the members of Namco-Bandai’s Project Tekken (who were all treated like veritable rockstars by the gaming crowds). Oh, and they also brought two Bloodline Rebellion cabinets for some lucky bastards players to test out.

But the best news for me is the announcement, by Timezone’s President Raffy Pratts, that all Tekken 6 machines in the Philippines will be upgraded to Bloodline Rebellion in late January 2009. Outside of Japan, the Philippines will be the first country to receive the much-anticipated arcade upgrade. Timezone has over 60 Tekken 6 arcade machines in the Philippines, showing the game’s unparalleled popularity in the country.

Read the whole article here!

This is awesome. 2009 is surely the Year of the Iron Fist, at least here in Metro Manila. Can’t wait for BR to arrive in arcades, as we all wait for the console version later on. More as we get it!


4 Responses to “Tekken 6 Pinoy Champion, BR Philippine Release Confirmation”

  1. hmm

    this is awesome and so cool

    PMS is a great team^_^

  2. lonegamer is an awesome site thankis lonegamer ^_^

  3. Thanks, man. Just writing about the stuff I like. ^_^

  4. i want to invite you here in Philippines to make a game master tournament of tekken 6 now on 2010…………………………………………………………………

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