Tekken 6 BR Musings: New Stages and Music

Among the new stuff in Bloodline Rebellion are new stages to fight in. We’ve see several- a ruined castle or church at night, with what appears to be falling asteroids or artillery hitting every so often. There’s another similarly ruined underground stage, as the fighters clash knee deep in water surrounded by burning cars. Then there’s a stage reminiscent of the Tekken Force base in Tekken Tag Tournament, only now at night, in the rain, with helicopters crashing in the background.

But the two most interesting are a couple of random-select stages that aren’t as stress-filled as the previous battlegrounds. In fact, they’re downright festive or cute.

The Fiesta de Tomate Stage.

The first is a Spanish stage set in what seems to be a Tomato Throwing Festival. It’s a small stage, surrounded by invisible walls and festival-goers who are more interested in throwing their berries than watching the full-on brawl in the center of the plaza. The part I like here is the floor- apparently all those tomatoes made the ground impact-resistant, since the fighters’ falling bodies don’t create craters as they do in other stages.

The Hidden Retreat Stage.

The second funny stage is what appears to be a Switzerland stage- a looping, never-ending battlefield set in a grassy plain populated by fluffy, invincible SHEEP. Throw your enemy into them, they just bounce off like the pigs and chickens of Rustic Asia. But the best thing about the stage is the MUSIC. Trumpets and yodelling! YODELLING! Yes, it sounds ridiculous at first, but damn if it isn’t catchy and fun to hear. It grew on me and now I love hearing it. weirdness.

Still waiting for BR to arrive locally, but thankfully vids and pics aren’t too scarce now. More as I get it.


One Response to “Tekken 6 BR Musings: New Stages and Music”

  1. The discription was great,i myself can’t wait to get tekken 6 bloodline rebellion.I’m in Trinidad so i think i’ll have to wait longer to get the game.Also i really like that yodelling music glad i’m not alone.Wanna hear more info as you get them.

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