Tekken 6BR Musings: Alisa Bosconovitch in Action

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion has been out for a couple of days, and FINALLY a fair bit of media is coming online; there’s nothing of course on any of the big gaming sites, but Youtube, video hosting channels and Tekken-specific forums are your friend in this regard.

Anyway, the main takeaway so far for Tekken 6BR is this- the game looks pretty cool. From some better quality videos posted we can see that the in-game animation has been spruced up and made even smoother than before, and now sports a pretty impressive-looking motion blur effect that makes each fighter’s moves look that much more hard-hitting. Everyone has received a bunch of new costumes and customs in addition to their old stuff from Tekken 6.0, giving to a whole new phase of crazy looks.

So far, the two new additions are proving to be popular. Of course, my favorite of the two is the babe, Alisa Bosconovitch. As we’ve found out since she was introduced, Alisa is a robot, supposedly created by longtime Tekken background character Dr. B., under the auspices of the Mishima Zaibatsu. It’s not exactly known what her purpose is in the fighting- a popular notion is that she may be after Bryan Fury since he injured or killed Dr. B. back in Tekken 5 after getting his perpetual generator of a heart. Another possibility is that Alisa, who is supposedly one of the Zaibatsu’s biggest secrets and weapons, is being sent into combat to counter G-Corporation’s Jack-6.

So, how does she play? Alisa has been described to be a ‘cross between Jack and Lili’, which is odd to say the least. She’s got a relaxed stance and a somewhat dainty way of moving and hitting with her regular punches and kicks. However, her special attacks are more hardcore- chainsaws from her hands make for a pretty intimidating stance (called ‘Destroy Form’), while her head comes off in several techniques, the most popular one being ‘Explosive Head’, a throw in which she gives her own head to her bewildered opponent, after which it explodes, knocking them silly (her head regenerates on her neck right after). Her arms also fly off in several moves, including a pretty cool rocket-punch projectile attack. And of course, like any anime-like robot babe, she has the ability to fly and hover about.

Control-wise, again Alisa is likened to Lili in that she’s supposedly easy to use; pressing most any two combination of buttons will usually result in something flashy. Certainly, a lot of Alisa players will have the advantage of their off-the-wall attacks being a total surprise to many an opponent in the arcade.

Of course gamers are divided. There are obviously those who like Alisa immediately or after a bit, while there are those who readily despise her like a plague. I’m of the former- I think she fits in with the cast perfectly, and her unique style and character are cool additions to the game. All that PLUS she’s hot. I’m certainly picking her up once BR shows up here. More on her when I actually get to play.


One Response to “Tekken 6BR Musings: Alisa Bosconovitch in Action”

  1. i guess alisas costumes are just average i mean,,they are good but not that facinating,i will look up for the progress on her costumizations

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