T’was the Night Before the Rebellion…

…and all through the house, not a creature was stirring SAVE FOR THE COUNTLESS TEKKEN FANS COUNTING THE HOURS TO DECEMBER 18!!!

Yeah, it’s THE day. Well, for the Japanese at least, it’s the day that Namco-Bandai releases the long-awaited arcade upgrade, Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion. Though the fighter has been out in selected arcades since the 10th, today it will be found in arcades all over Japan. Tekken 6 has been topping the arcades for months and months, and today will fan the fires of fighting fandom like it was when the fifth Iron Fist sequel did LAST YEAR. On offer, two new characters, tons of new customizations for the existing roster, new moves and tweaks to the repertoires of each competitor, new stages and music, and a refreshed look all over. Yep, Bloodline Rebellion is here.

I am fully expecting the web to burst with match videos, so there should be no shortage of stuff to watch even though a local release of BR here in Manila won’t be until perhaps January or so. Till then, scouring the web for this or that new pic or vid will be the main burning of many a fighting game fan.

Then, in a few months… Tekken on console.

Man, that’s El Dorado there in my gaming journey, right on the horizon. Today, the journey’s begun. More as I grab it.


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