Metal Gear Solid TOUCH?

UPDATE: It’s confirmed. Metal Gear Solid Touch. Imagine that.

Kotaku just posted an intriguing article. Hideo Kojima and Konami have been hinting at a new Metal Gear Solid game recently, and it seems that Famitsu Weekly in Japan has blown the lid off this secret. Metal Gear Solid… on the iPhone/iPod Touch??? The only evidence so far is a low-res scan of the mag, not really worth seeing. But man… this could be pretty cool. I own a Touch, and while it’s not a PSP, the games that exist on it are entertaining and great time-killers. An MGS game would be wonderful!

But you know, what I’d really want on the Touch would be a really good fighter. Tekken Touch? Streetfighter Touch? That would be great. Who knows what the future can bring, anyway… more on this as we get it.


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