iPhone MGS Confirmed!

As we reported earlier, Metal Gear Solid Touch is… well… it’s REAL! Metal Gear Solid Touch! We got the name right! Haha! This upcoming title for the iPhone or iPod Touch has been confirmed by Konami (perhaps hastened by the scan leaks from Famitsu).

Set in the MGS4 universe, the game will have 8 stages initially, with more promised to come later (downloads?). Kotaku mentions in their article that the game will be controlled by touchpad and not by accelerometer- well, the iPhone/Touch doesn’t have a touchpad. Most probably as with games like the recent Brothers In Arms iPhone game, players will manipulate action through the touchscreen itself. As seen in the two screenshots, you’ll be controlling Old Snake himself, in some 3rd Person Over-the-Shoulder shooting action as well as a first-person sniping view. Check out pics here.

Not known yet is the story. Will this be set during MGS4? After? Will we see any familiar characters or adversaries like the Beasts/Beauties? Is it Canon?

Well, as an iPod Touch owner, I’m pretty thrilled. Can’t wait to see this… but I guess I’m going to have to. The game is set for a Spring 2009 release.


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