MY EYES!!! More Tekken 6BR Customs!

This early, Asuka and Christie look ready for summer.

Here are a few pics from Haitenai, our current source for customization pics for Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion. I am liking the casual clothes (tank tops and hot pants FTW!)… neon patterns may help in distracting opponents. Apparently the touted ‘hair customization’ feature which lets you go wild with your fighters’ hair isn’t totally implemented yet, as there are a lot of set hairstyles with variant colors. I’m not too crazy about the hair custom feature though- I tend to go with the set do’s.

Man, I hope when I transfer my Tekken 6 data to a BR card, they give me some cash to start off. You DO apparently retain any gold and customizations you already have, though hardcore players may get irked that their ranks will get bumped down again unless you’re a Tekken God or something. Throw me a bone or two, Namco… this is gonna be another seven or eight months of plunking credits into your machines before I get my home version.

Anyways, still not that much in terms of video yet online. Been checking the Tekken BBS, and sifting through the engrish translations I am getting the impression that there’s still a lot of stuff not implemented yet. We’ll surely seem more info as the game gets ito general release though… just a few more days. This holiday season should be lots of rebellion going on.


One Response to “MY EYES!!! More Tekken 6BR Customs!”

  1. ruel almodovar Says:

    need more of steve fox custom

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