Early Rebellion

According to posts over at Tekken Zaibatsu and SD-Tekken, Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion is out in several arcades in Japan already, though general release is still supposed to be on the 18th. But even more amazing, there is, or at least was, a BR machine here in the Philippines! Last Friday, a Tekken 6 Tournament was held at Mall of Asia, with Namco-Bandai’s Tekken dev team in attendance (Katsuhiro Harada at least) and some international high-level players. The new arcade upgrade was tested out, so quite a few lucky locals managed to get some playtime on the latest Tekken.

Unfortunately, MOA is a bit out of my range, and Friday was pretty crazy in terms of traffic what with the Inter-Faith Rally held in Makati which fouled up roads something fierce. I don’t know if the BR machine is still there right now, but I’ll just wait for the general release in other Time Zone arcades to get my BR fix.

So far though, it seems that there’s a slow but steady trickle of pics, vids and info on BR that should become a deluge very soon. All I’m wishing for is that Youtube arcade vid fountain Geesendou gets the game soon for the requisite hours of matches posted online. More on Tekken BR as I get it.


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