Musing about Customizations in Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion

When Tekken 6 came out early this year, I took a look at the available customizations and extra outfits and said, ‘That’s all?’ Really, perhaps characters had one or two alternate looks and a bunch of variant colors for their default stuff, and that was it. Some characters had more stuff than others, with a lot of glaringly poor selections. In general, Tekken 6’s customizations were nice but severely limited. It was nothing like Soulcalibur IV or even Virtua Fighter 5’s voluminous choices to deck out your fighter.

Well, Bloodline Rebellion is looking like it’s adding a few more ensembles to each character. Asuka, for example, seems to be getting a bunch of casual clothing that you’d see on teens in Tokyo, while Xiaoyu seems to have cleaned out the local cosplay shop of their Sailor Moon sale. Variant hair colors are now available as well, something that was lacking in the previous version (now those long pining for a black-haired Lili can rejoice). So far I haven’t seen much detail about the touted hair customization feature, but that should come soon enough.

This early (and it’s pretty early), I’m amused at the additional stuff- it seems that the devs are plugging up a lot of holes from the previous game, and that’s pretty cool. I’m hoping that the amount of new stuff continues to flow, and all this carries over into the home versions.

Bloodline Rebellion is now out in at least one Namco arcade in Japan, with the rest of the country getting the game by Dec. 18. I’m hoping that the trickle of media now turns into a deluge then… something that keeps us all alive till Fall 2009. I expect areas outside of Japan, here in Manila included, to get BR as well pretty soon after the release. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.


One Response to “Musing about Customizations in Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion”

  1. M_Mishima27 Says:

    It’s So CoOL,You will not notice your character, if you dress it up

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