Tekken 6 BR Customization Pics

Updated: Okay, quite a few pics and info about several of the girls’ customs have been posted at Tekken Zaibatsu. So far, Asuka seems to have gotten a lot of casual clothing in her customizations, including half-pants, hot shorts, shirts, mini-skirts (mmm) and a cap. Ling’s new stuff seem to be mainly themed around a ‘magical girl’ style, while Lili has her new sexy outfit (hot pants, thigh high boots and arm-length gloves) and the return of her Goth makeup. Zafina’s posted customs are kinda blah, looking very similar to Nina’s 2P- some sort of long sleeved jacket top, slacks and boots. Some generic items like a naginata also were shown.

Hopefully these are but a small fraction of the stuff we’ll eventually see in the final game. We want more, Namco! MORE!

Here are a look at some customizations for some characters in the upcoming Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion. Looks like both Asuka and Lili are getting some tasty numbers for their wardrobes, with Asuka already confirmed to have pants and a bomber jacket now adding one more pair of hot shorts and some casual tops. Lili’s costumes have a bit of Death By Degrees style, and leave that much less to the imagination. I, for one, am pleased. Heheh.

The one new pic of customization for new fighter Alisa Bosconovitch, which shows off a nice portion of her torso, seems to be called ‘Battle Torso’ (more like ‘Battle-torn Torso’ to me). According to posts over at Tekken Zaibatsu, Alisa’s other customs include options for different hair colors, variant colors for her stockings and high heels/boots and the popular bare-hands and barefoot customizations.

Looks like we’ll be seeing clothing styles as well as fighting styles clashing very soon, as Bloodline Rebellion hits Japanese arcades this coming Dec. 18. Hopefully other markets outside of Nippon will get the upgrade soon after.


7 Responses to “Tekken 6 BR Customization Pics”

  1. Ryan Yu Says:

    NICE! Can you tell me who girls can be customized Barefooted

  2. how can i get the school uniform outfit of ling in tekken 6 br? thanks..

  3. i can see that the new tekken 6 br is having a lot of time for the preparations…good luck to them,,

  4. there are many hair colors out there but i alway prefere blondes-`:

  5. i really like to color my hair and i would love to try different hair colors specially auburn :;;

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