NEW Tekken 6 Console Trailer!!!

WOW! A new Tekken 6 trailer for the home console versions has been posted over at Eurogamer TV. It’s got a lot more of the traditional pre-rendered CG cinematics mixed in with in-game action. It also confirms pretty much that the home games will have the BR content and more as Alisa Boskonovitch and Lars Alexandersson are introduced as well. This is more of a teaser trailer even with the additional cinematic action (most of it focused on the Jin-Kazuya personal war). For us content-starved, long-suffering Tekken Heads though, this is an oasis in a dry desert as we trudge onwards in our journey.

Analyzing the trailer though, I have a sneaking suspicion that all may not be what it seems. Is Jin really a villain? He’s acting like a bad boy, but I feel there may be a chance that it’s all an act and Kazuya is the real villain of the story here. Jin still seems to have the end of the Mishima bloodline as a goal, so maybe he’s just fighting fire with fire, evil with evil. Still, what about the supposed atrocities he’s done in the course of the world war?

Intriguing stuff that hopefully will all be explained once the console games arrive… in Autumn 2009. DAAAAAMN! Times like these when I wish Cold Sleep was actually a reality. More on this hottest fighter as I get it.


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