Tekken 6 Console-Exclusive Characters?

Gaming News site CVG or Computer and Videogaming just posted a news article about Tekken 6 for consoles that may intrigue/horrify/excite Tekkenheads all over. Apparently the devs are mulling over the possibility for console-exclusive guest characters, similar to the Jedi fiasco that went about in Soulcalibur IV.

CVG: Tekken 6 developer Namco is “considering” platform-specific characters for its next beat-em-up instalment, similar to the Star Wars setup used by Soul Calibur IV, the developer has told CVG.

Speaking in an interview in London, game director Katsuhiro Harada said that although development focus is yet to shift from the Arcade version, Namco is already pondering downloadable content for consoles.

“We’re still working on the Arcade version, so there are no concrete plans [for the console versions] at the moment,” Harada said.

When quizzed on the chances of exclusive PS3 and Xbox 360 characters, the Tekken man said it could be quite difficult.

“Of course we would like to have something – as far as downloadable content goes – specific to platform. However on the other hand it is quite difficult to get Microsoft and Sony to sign off on having differences between the platforms,” he said.

“It is something we’re considering, but it is pretty difficult.” Tekken 6 has just been dated for Autumn 2009.

This isn’t as far-fetched as you’d think- Tekken team head Katsuhiro Harada was formerly of Project Soul, so influences from that side of Namco-Bandai’s brain trust can be strong. And judging from the income surely gained from downloads of Yoda and Vader on either console will easily be a draw for them to go this route again.

I’m not really worried about any such thing- if there are any contributions or influences from SCIV that cross over to Tekken 6, I’d rather it be a Character Creation mode, or a full-on massive wardrobe you can outfit the characters instead of just a limited bunch of items and customizations. As for any possible Guests we may see in Tekken 6… let’s take that up in a later post. Heheh.


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