Tekken 6 European Launch Info

A few ‘new’ Tekken 6 images have popped up at Gamersyde (and on IGN) just today, along with some info that the console version of the latest Iron Fist Tournament will be distributed in Europe by Atari in conjunction with Infogrames Entertainment in Autumn 2009. As announced before, the home version will feature a lot more content than the already-released arcade version and the upcoming arcade upgrade, Bloodline Rebellion. The game will see release on both PS3 and Xbox360.

It’s still a loooong way off. As in, probably around this time next year. So there’s nothing much to get excited about too much, aside from Bloodline Rebellion coming out in Japan in a couple of weeks, and hopefully in other areas soon after.

As for the pics- well, they’re new but don’t look that particularly great as they’re not that hi-res, and the character models seem a bit- well, underwhelming. If the pics are from the home versions, I’m glad they’re still a long way off since they need work. If they’re from the arcade, they’re not particularly good screencaps. Really, I’ve seen the game in action, in motion, in front of my very eyes and it looks awesome. Namco-Bandai should really have quality control present when distributing or disseminating any media, darn it.

Anyway, with such a long time to go, I’m hoping that the Tekken Devs take the time to improve a lot on Tekken 6, graphically as well as with content like customizations and new moves. The game looks really great as it is, but it can always get better. I’ll post more on Tekken 6 whenever we find stuff on it. Man, I ache for this game so much, damn it.


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  1. Tekken 6 dev ‘considering’ console-specific characters.


    Just thought you’d like to see this.

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