Twiddling my Thumbs

Super Streetfighter II Turbo HD Remix came out today, but I’m not exactly spoiling to buy it. I was, for a while, thanks to those nice, hi-res trailers coming out on Gametrailers and stuff, but when it came right down to it… I kinda balked. Really, SF2 was awesome, but… man… it’s an OLD game. My fave Streetfighter is SF3, or Third Strike, casual gamer that I am. Even with the redone, HD-ready new look and tweaks to the gameplay, it’s STILL basically the same SF2. Two babes, just Chun-Li and Cammy, and the same bunch of fighters with their small but eternally usable menu of moves.

Not right now, I guess, if ever. I’ll hold out for Streetfighter IV, I guess, if I want a new SF. If I feel like a sprite-based SF, I’ll just plunk in my copy of Third Strike (PS2) or have some SF Alpha Max on the PSP. Now, if they come out with a HD Remix of SF3… Now THAT would be awesome…


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