Into the Underworld

My copy of Tomb Raider Underworld came in early this morning, and since I had to go hie off to work I only got to get in an hour of play.
I pretty much zipped through the Prologue (seen far too many vids of the introductory ‘Burning Manor’ level) and literally dived straight into the Mediterranean first stage. I was never really good at directions, so I easily got lost amidst the various caves and crevices. While plumbing about, I was able to find several treasures before finally finding the key items I needed to move on with the quest. When I finally got Lara out of the water (Mmmm… drippy Lara…) it was a relief… and back to the more familiar play of running around dank passages, looking for levers and triggering ancient mechanisms. Thankfully, this game seems to be a bit forgiving (or is it due to the Casual Gamer difficulty level I selected?), so despite gracelessly mucking about and collapsing a column or two, I still managed to activate the portal to the next level.

So far, it’s been quite nice. Lara looks… well… smashing, and she moves really nicely. It’s been a while since Legend and Anniversary, but it’s easy to get back into the groove of the smooth gameplay.

I have to say that the version I have is the Xbox360 version, which is, simply put, the version to get. For whatever reason, Sony dropped the ball on any negotiations with Eidos on this game, resulting in the Xbox game getting pretty much EVERY good thing- from a convenient save system to the certainty of upcoming Downloadable Content and supposedly better frame rates overall. Graphically, the game should look identical to the PS3 game, so there’s really no reason to go for the PS3 version unless you don’t own a 360. Anyway, that’s that.

I’ll be sure to try and give this an earnest attempt to make this the first Tomb Raider title I actually finish. More on this later.


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