Exclusive Filipino Tekken 6 Interview!

Heeeey! Youtuber Adamz019 just posted an interview with Tekken 6 producer, Katsuhiro Harada. Apparently, Harada-san was in the Philippines recently to attend a local Tekken 6 Tournament held in SM Mall of Asia, and the guys with the event managed to score some time to ask him some questions.

Unfortunately, most of the answers given are the usual- console Tekken 6 coming with new features, more storyline elements, online play, yada-yada-Harada… but the biggest thing in the spot is the possibility of a Filipino Tekken fighter? Heh. Well, it seems that Harada-san was very impressed with the fervor and enthusiasm of local Tekkenheads (and skillz, as well), and this just may get a Pinoy tussling with the Mishimas someday.

If anything, I hope Harada-san’s visit here more or less guarantees that Bloodline Rebellion will make it to Manila arcades. The Philippines is Tekken Stronghold, and our local arcade scene is very energetic. That should make the wait for the anticipated console version a li’l bit easier. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the vid!


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