Home Invasion

Well, my copy of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe arrived today. I was able to get in about an hour of playtime with the single player Arcade Mode. For the most part, the controls are solid, and the game flows pretty smoothly. Despite still having that trademark MK-stiffness to the character movements, this is probably the best-playing Mortal Kombat game I’ve ever had. And this is with the Xbox360’s horrid controller, mind you.

Anyway, the good news is that I think it’s a good game. No SCIV or VF5 though, but it’s fun and I’m pretty intrigued at the Story. But of course, the thing quite a few of you out there may want to hear is whether or not the Asian version is censored or not.

Well, God Bless Asia! We here get the game uncensored, so the Joker’s fatality (and some others) won’t be de-toothed as in the US version. I blew away Kitana myself just like the MK producer did in the famous demo vid on Gametrailers- no offscreen deaths here. The only problem is, well, the animation seems more rushed or abrupt here rather than the more ‘leisurely’ and realistic fall in the demo vid. Man, details, details. Well, at least we got it.

The trick is though, actually performing the damn fatalities… it’s a bit tricky, perhaps not in the actual button inputs but in the distances you have to be from your opponent/victim as you do the move. Or perhaps it’s that trick of holding block while you input the directional commands. Oh well… practice makes perfect. Or flawless, in this case. Should be back to murdering some superheroes later after work. Heh.


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