Prince of Persia: Awesome Adventure and Hot Date

One of the games I am looking forward to a lot in the last few weeks of 2008 is the new Prince of Persia.

I can’t help but see similarities between the game and Ico. Both follow a young, strapping youth of a hero who encounters a mysterious beauty who leads him to a dangerous quest. There’s lots of running and jumping, and clambering about monstrous foes to find their weak spots.

But while Ico’s Yorda was a damsel in distress who basically just stands around while the hero does all the work, the new sidekick babe Elika is no such pansy. She’s all of an indispensable ally to the Prince in both movement and combat. As they move around, she gives the Prince an extra boost for every overly-long jump as often as she clings to his back during some harder climbs. During skirmishes and inevitable boss battles, she’s as much a weapon as the Prince’s sword, giving her formidable magical powers and acrobatic attacks into the fray. Also, the unlikely pair are about as talkative as Ico’s duo was silent- the couple’s banter is entertaining to hear as their relationship builds.

So far, I’ve seen tons of videos on the game, touting the fighting game-esque combat gameplay which pits you and Elika against a single opponent during every encounter. I have my reservations about this- it seems that duels are a combination of real-time fighting as well as carrying out a set bunch of conditions, so you can’t just barrel through simply by hitting your enemy until they stop moving. It may prove cool, or it may be repetitive. We’ll just have to see. It IS nice though to see the tag-team tactics employed by the Prince and Elika as they pummel their foes, though I want to see something happen when you do something WRONG. So far the gameplay vids have shown the enemies getting defeated quite easily- what happens when you lose? Can you even lose at all, given how you can’t apparently die in the game?

Anyway, there are tons of stuff I want to find out about this game, though so far I love most everything about it- the characters are likeable and there’s always that warm Ico vibe about running around hand in hand with a beautiful princess through thick and thin. A gamer’s dream come true- a thrilling adventure as well as a hot date! What else can you ask for from this upcoming classic?

Prince of Persia is due out in December 2008. More on it as we get it!


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