Kombat of the Superfriends

Times like these, I remember that cool old DC superheroes cartoon, Challenge of the Superfriends. Not the corny one with the Wonder Twins, or the even cornier one with the wonder dog… the one with the Legion of Doom. Yeah, the action was nowhere near the awesomeness of the more contemporary Justice League Unlimited series, but it was still pretty entertaining. That’s pretty much all I’m expecting to get from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

Yeah, I ended up ordering the latest MK, if only to watch the hammy story of how the MK and DC worlds come crashing into one another. The graphics look nice, although this is no VF or Tekken 6, or even a Soulcalibur. Still, what can I say… Kitana is damn hot. This should be a nice distraction as I wait for more serious fighters down the line and take a break from SCIV bouts. Oh, and I ordered the Asian version for Xbox360, which hopefully will NOT be censored like the toothless US version. More on this as I get it.


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