Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert!

Last weekend, I got a copy of Red Alert 3. I got the Premier Edition, which comes in a neat-o slickety-slick metal container with the stylized artwork of Soviet commando Tanya on the cover. There are three CDs- the bonus DVD with extras and video, the Soundtrack CD and, well, the game itself.
The Bonus DVD has quite a few features- ‘From Pencils to Pixels’ shows off various units in the game, starting from designs to the finished in-game models. Then there’s a documentary about the making of the game, a blooper reel, some in-depth strategy videos and a Battlecast episode showing off the game (as well as a kick-ass trailer for Warhammer Online). It’s fun stuff, and certainly enjoyable… though I was pretty disappointed at the ‘Women of Red Alert 3’ feature, which is nothing more than a MTV montage vid… very underwhelming considering how EA hyped it up in the trailers.

Anyway, the game is pretty sweet and RTS fans looking for a fun and funny state-of-the-art game that has a Kalashnikov firmly in hand and tongue tightly in cheek need look nowhere else.


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