The Next SFIV Addition… Rose?

This single pic is causing quite a commotion in Capcom and Streetfighter Forums- it’s supposedly a Character Select screen with a new addition- Rose from SF Alpha. She’s the one next to Sakura, the second one from the left on the bottom row. It looks pretty legit, so this may be true.

On the one hand, I am glad since this seems to support the belief that a recent Famitsu cover (with artwork of the Capcom girls by Kinu Nishimura (if I’m not mistaken) shows all the female fighters to be included in SFIV. So far this has proven true, further supported by the inclusion of Rose. The only characters left unrevealed in SFIV included in the cover are Ibuki and Elena from SFIII. Will we be seeing the SFIII girls revealed soon?

Well, in my humble opinion, this may be so. At about two or three months to go before the console release, it’s just too soon to have the whole roster revealed now. Also… come on… Rose? She just can’t be the last character revealed. That’s just too anti-climactic. I’m really thinking (hoping/praying/begging) the SFIII girls will be joining the roster before the game comes out. Crossing fingers then.

More on this as I get it.


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