Europe getting Uncensored MK vs DC Fatalities…

Okay, as posted earlier, the ESRB in American caused the US version of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe to censor a bit of it’s content- primarily the Joker’s Fatality where he shoots his opponent in the head with a pistol. To get a Teen Rating from the US ratings board, this brutal (but cool) move was edited, to have the actual headshot occur off-panel. To put it bluntly, I think THAT SUCKS.

It’s not a particularly gory or bloody move. It’s been seen already everywhere online. What’s the point? You see stuff like it in movies all the time.

Anyway, Europe isn’t as incredibly alarmist as the US’s ESRB apparently, since European copies of MK vs DC will be sporting the uncensored fatality.

Let me say it now- If I end up buying the game, I certainly won’t be getting the US milquetoast version. Hopefully the Asian or Japanese versions of the game won’t be as sissy. MK vs DC is due out later this month.


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