Cammy is In the House!

Even getting clobbered can’t keep Cammy from looking darn hot.

A couple of screenshots posted over at Kotaku and Fighter’s Generation have confirmed latest additions to the console versions of Streetfighter IV. Yep, additions, as in plural- not only is British spy/assassin/amnesiac Cammy finally confirmed, we’re also getting the formidable martial artist Gen, who looks more bad-ass than ever.

Okay, on the bright side, the confirmation of the recent additions- Sakura, Fei Long, Dan, Gen and Cammy- bode well. With these fighters, SFIV is getting a more interesting roster and adds in fighters that satisfy both fans of SFII New Challengers and SF Alpha.

NOW I really hope this means that SFIII fans will not be left out in the cold, so I’m fully expecting/praying/imploring for Capcom to put in a couple of fighters from SFIII- Basically Ibuki and Makoto, or Ibuki and Alex or Ibuki and Elena. And Ibuki. Did I mention Ibuki?

Anyway, more on this as we get stuff. Still a bit of time till the home console releases, so everyone stay tuned.


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