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Revenge of the DLC

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Xbox360 on October 18, 2008 by thelonegamer

Namco-Bandai has officially confirmed a long running rumor… On October 23rd, a download will be available online that will bring Darth Vader to the 360 version, and Yoda to the PS3 version respectively! In Japan, where this news was first announced, the price of this download will be 600 Yen, which comes out to about $5. Is it worth it? Not really… but man, having a totally new fighter is a lot better than freakin’ useless Halloween get-ups. Yeah, I’ll most probably be downloading the green menace on my PS3. Bah.


Streetfighter Love

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, My Stuff with tags on October 17, 2008 by thelonegamer

Yesterday I was able to pass by the mall to pick up my long-overdue pile of comics, and I happened on a wonderful suprise. The store saved for me a copy of the Udon Streetfighter Tribute art book. I’ve known about this book for a while but really haven’t had the opportunity to get it online. Well, thankfully my main comic store Comic Quest stocked it and despite suddenly popping in I am overjoyed at having it.
The large volume is bursting at the seams with Streetfighter artworks from artists/streetfighter fans from all over the world, from popular Udon artists to guest contributors, animators and gamers (including one piece from local artist Kriss Sison, who is coincidentally my partner in our popular local manga Ninja Girl KO!). The pieces range from the awesome to the strange, but all radiate that love for the franchise that you can’t deny. Darn, I wish I was able to give in an artwork as well… maybe next time. Hmmm…

Man, I wish I could scan a ton of the artworks and use ’em for wallpapers on my mobile phone. With the addition of the SF Tribute book, my collection of Udon Streetfighter art books (Including Art of Capcom and the Udon Streetfighter book) is now an awesome trilogy. Highly recommended if you’re a SF fan. Great stuff!

Ready for a Gang War

Posted in Action Adventure, Gaming, My Stuff, PS3 on October 15, 2008 by thelonegamer

This morning my copy of Saints’ Row 2 for the PS3 arrived from Play-Asia. Good ‘ol fast shipping! I’ll be popping this into the Black Monolith tonight. I actually have a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV as well… as yet unplayed. Maybe after I do some rounds in the over-the-top cartoon gangbanger world of Stillwater, I’ll try out the more ‘realistic’ and serious life of GTAIV’s Nico. For now, I just wanna be a gangleader with an army of ninja. WOOHOO!

Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe lands in November

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Xbox360 on October 15, 2008 by thelonegamer

Midway’s crossover brawler has been given a street date. The US market will have the pleasure of pummeling Superman’s face into the pavement or ripping off Wonder Woman’s spine (OK, not really) this coming November 16. In the meantime, Eurogamers will have to wait a bit later for their game on the 21st.

Now, I’ve been quite harsh with this game in the past, but to be fair, from what I’ve seen the graphics look great and the fighting brutal- it surely can’t be anywhere as bad as MKA or the previous MK games, right? Anyway, with Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion and VF5R for the consoles quite a long way down, I’m open to giving this fighting game a try. Still bummed out at the seeming shortage of babes in the game (where’s Poison Ivy..?!), but we’ll see.

New Tekken 6 Official Site Up!

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Tekken 6, Xbox360 on October 13, 2008 by thelonegamer

Aside from the long-standing Tekken-Official website, Namco-Bandai has just recently set up a new Tekken 6 Official Website. The page is pretty slick, with some cool art and the new CG’s of Jin and Kazuya standing there done up with some flash animation- Kazuya inhales when you mouse over, while you’ll hear Jin’s coat flutter when you go over him. The sound is that of rain, occasional thunder and creaking wood- kinda soothing in a way. Heh.
Currently there’s not much there… just the Press Release, a downloadable version of the TGS 08 Tekken 6 BR Trailer (the short one with Nina), a gallery of the screenshots (nothing new) and an options to ‘sign up for updates’ which so far doesn’t seem active. But well, this site is apparently the one where stuff and updates on this most-awaited fighting game will arrive, so I’d bookmark this and keep it on regular watch for the following months leading up to fall next year.

Check out the new Tekken 6 site here.

Virtua Fighter 5R Interview

Posted in Arcade, Fighting Games, Gaming with tags , on October 12, 2008 by thelonegamer just posted a pretty awesome interview with Sega’s AM2 Team Head, Makoto Osaki. It’s pretty awesome in the simple fact that it seems to be the ONLY Virtua Fighter 5R/AM2 interview out online. The latest and most substantial arcade upgrade to VF5 has been pretty secretive since it’s release a few months ago, and that’s a sad thing- I’ve seen dozens of matches online, and really… the game KICKS ASS. I can honestly say VF5R is the only other fighting game I’d consider as wanted as Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.
The interview is pretty lengthy, although it still doesn’t answer everything- particularly the question about a possible home console version. Once again, the answer is vague… but I’m pretty certain VF5R will eventually come home, most probably as a stand-alone release. Just when is the big question, but it’s pretty much just a question of what comes first- VF5R or Tekken 6BR.

Check out the whole interview here.

Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion TGS Trailer

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Tekken 6, Xbox360 on October 9, 2008 by thelonegamer

Here’s a short trailer for Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion released by Namco-Bandai at the TGS. It combines footage from the earlier arcade intro CG’s with new footage and some in-game stuff. Not that impressive but still, it’s something worth seeing for us Tekken Fans. Is that Nina in the ranks of the Zaibatsu Troops? Wished the spot was longer and had more characters in the plot-specific cinematics. But then, it’s just the first day of TGS. Who knows what else may appear?