Tomb Raider Underworld Extras for Xbox360


According to recent news, the Xbox360 version of the upcoming Tomb Raider Underworld seems to be the one to get. Not only will the Xbox360 game be getting additional ‘Chapters’ or mini-adventures that prolong the story after the main game, but soon after release additional exclusive outfits will be available on Xboxlive for download.

Okay, everything points to the PS3 version being the ill-favored bastard son of the TRU family, and that sucks. I’m no PS3 fanboy (I own both consoles) but man, I prefer to have a good choice with an equal battlefield. I still have a problem with relying too much on my 360 (thanks to the crappy 3RL issue), so unless those ‘extra’ outfits turn out to be bikinis I’ll still be getting the PS3 game. Mmmm… bikinis…


2 Responses to “Tomb Raider Underworld Extras for Xbox360”

  1. interested thank you for sharing

  2. Looking back, they DID turn out to be bikinis… so I bought. Heheh…

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