Delayed Apocalypse

No, this is NOT a reason to celebrate. My copy of Fallout 3 got postponed, irritatingly enough. I ordered the Asian version (which is about a thousand pesos cheaper than the US game) which got bumped back from the October 28 release to Halloween (Oct. 31). So at best I’ll be getting my copy by Saturday, or on Monday. 

On the other hand, I’m still just calf-deep in my Fable 2 adventure, so it’s not that bad. I can’t really juggle two virtual lives, two mammoth epic open-world RPGs in one weekend. So I guess it’s for the best. 

Anyway, Bethesda’s latest is making the rounds online with some pretty glowing (as in, radioactively positive) reviews from sites like 1Up, Gametrailers and IGN. Cited were the game’s immersive and impressive (albeit bleak) world and wealth of options to seek your virtual destiny. Not so cool but relatively minor where complaints of bugs and occasional glitches, and the occasional comment that Oblivion is still the mite better game. Still, Fallout 3 looks a winner, and should be enjoyed for some really mature, bloody good fun. I’ll most surely be waist-deep in mutant scum and bloody guts by next week.


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