Musing about Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams


By now most gamers have probably seen the teaser trailer for Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams (the spot is unlockable after beating Bioshock for the PS3). You needn’t have played the PS3 game- just hie off to Youtube and watch. The short spot shows a young woman- perhaps in her teens- standing on a beach, holding what appears to be a Big Daddy doll. As the camera zooms away from the girl, shapes of a cityscape grow out of the sand, bringing to mind the sunken metropolis of Rapture that she had left behind (thanks to the Hero of the first game, according to the ‘Good’ Ending). Aside from that, there’s little else but what can we speculate on what’s ahead for this critically-acclaimed title?

Well, for starters we know of course that the game will indeed be a return to Rapture, and at the very least it will be set after the events of the first game, unless there be flashback moments. The girl surely has a vital role. I’m thinking… Player Character?

As we have seen in the Good Ending (which apparently is canonical, since otherwise the world would be in a splicer-induced Nuclear War), the Hero of the first game took the Little Sisters to the surface world, where they were allowed to grow and have a full life. Perhaps the girl in the teaser is one of these former Little Sisters… or perhaps the daughter of one… now seeking, or perhaps compelled to seek out, her sunken past. Whatever the reason- the female heroine will return to the underwater metropolis of Rapture.

What has happened since the events of the first game in Rapture? With the vacuum of power, things can only grow worse. New powers may have risen since then, working for new goals. Though Ryan may be gone (or is he..?), his influence should still be heavy in every corridor. What of Dr. Tenenbaum? Does she still live? What will her role be? I’m thinking that while Bioshock ended with a hero saving the Little Sisters, perhaps the next time around it’s about a Little Sister returning and working to save her world. Stakes should be higher, the danger more terrifying and the rewards greater. New enemies (even more mutated splicers, mutated Big Daddies? More genetic monstrosities), more plasmids and weapons and wonderful new locales surely will be in the wings.

Bioshock 2 should be pretty awesome. It’s still a long wait till then, so for now, let’s just keep dreaming.


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